Salon de Oro

Salon de Oro Mission

EARTH's vital signs of Global Warming changes have accelerated in the previous months on our planet. Many unique anomalies rarely seen before are rapidly ascending in Nature.

Our Goal is to bring awareness to these issues on Earth Day. Strategic partnerships are available with global branding opportunities: Reducing Carbon footprint, Sustainability, ESG Investments, Electric Vehicles, to name a few. We will be hosting this Event at a World Class Resort Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada with an eye to expand globally in 2023 adding Macau, China with the same Hotel Group.

Salon de Oro translates as Hallway of Gold in Spanish. The Gold Standard has been a universal commodity by which every country’s monetary supply has been connected to its currency. Our Golden Hall isa representation of this celestial element that has stood the test of time. A perfect location for anyone to participate in the April 22nd, 2022 experience of a lifetime while aiding the planet and humanity.


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